CiC Welcomes Dr. Sarah Buckley to New York City

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On Wednesday, September 17th, Choices in Childbirth welcomed the renowned Dr. Sarah Buckley, MB, ChB, author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering, to a cocktail party with some of New York City’s most prominent birth workers and supporters. Dr. Buckley was visiting New York City for the first time to hold her fantastic workshop on the hormonal physiology on childbearing, “Undisturbing Birth: The Science and Wisdom.” Dr. Buckley’s visit came before the much-anticipated release of her report, “The Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing, produced in partnership with Childbirth Connection, due later this fall.

We also welcomed our new Executive Director, Michele Giordano, to the Choices in Childbirth team. Michele begins her role as Executive Director on November 1st.

Special guests of the evening included: Dana Ben-Ari- Director of “Breastmilk” the movie, Abby Epstein- Director and Executive Producer of The Business of Being Born, Lathom Thomas- Founder, Mama Glow, Chanel Porchia- Founder of Ancient Song Doula Services, Debra Pascali-Bonaro- DONA trainer and Founder of Orgasmic Birth, and Jennifer Block- author of “Pushed”.

CiC was extremely proud to have such an incredible group of women, advocates, and leaders in the birth field together for a very special night!


Choices in Childbirth, Chanel Porchia, Dana Ben-Ari, Lathom Thomas, Abby Epstein, Elan McAllister, Sarah Buckley, Samantha Hillstrom, Michele Giordano, Nan Strauss, Dana Huber, Clare Friedrich, Alexandra Hochman, Catherine Steward-Lindley

The Choices in Childbirth Staff and Board of Directors with Dr. Sarah Buckley and friends of CiC. From L to R: Chanel Porchia- Founder, Ancient Song Doula Services, Dana Ben-Ari- Director, “Breastmilk” the movie, Lathom Thomas- Founder, Mama Glow, Abby Epstein- Director and Executive Producer, The Business of Being Born, Dr. Sarah Buckley, Samantha Hillstrom- CiC Board of Directors, Michele Giordano- CiC Incoming Executive Director, Nan Strauss- CiC Director of Policy and Research, Dana Huber- CiC Board of Directors, Clare Friedrich- CiC Program Manager, Katie Giessler- CiC Research Associate, Sydney Sasanow- CiC Operations Associate, Alexandra Hochman- CiC Board President, Catherine Stewart-Lindley- CiC Board of Directors

Choices in Childbirth, Dr. Sarah Buckley

Friends of Choices in Childbirth listen on as Dr. Sarah Buckley discusses the hormones of birth

Choices in Childbirth, Elan McAllister, Michele Giordano

Michele Giordano, CiC Incoming Executive Director (middle) and Elan McAllister, CiC Founder

Choices in Childbirth, Chanel Porchia, Ancient Song Doula Services

Ancient Song Doula Services Founder, Chanel Porchia (middle)

Choices in Childbirth, Alexandra Hochman, Catherine Stewart-Lindley, Samantha Hillstrom, Dana Huber

Choices in Childbirth Board of Directors. L to R: Alexandra Hochman- President, Catherine Stewart-Lindley- Board Member, Samantha Hillstrom- Secretary, Dana Huber- Treasurer (not pictured: Sheila Hay- Vice President)

Choices in Childbirth, Sarah Buckley

Dr. Sarah Buckley (middle)

Choices in Childbirth, Elan McAllister

CiC Founder and Departing Executive Director, Elan McAllister, welcoming everyone