CiC is Thankful!


This Thanksgiving, we would like to take some time to be grateful and to recognize our thanks.

As a small staff, it is impossible to forget how thankful we are for our volunteers and interns! Thank you Anne, Rachel, Haley, Wendy, Raquel, Alison, and Shaina! We are grateful for our Program Committee who helps us organize and who facilitates Healthy Birth Choices Workshops, our free monthly meetings in NYC! Thank you Milon, Mary Esther, Laure, Kelly, Shara, Tanya, and Gillian! We look forward to creating our 2013 schedule next month.

We are grateful for all of our supporters, friends, and partners. Without their collaboration and trust in our mission and work, we would not be as successful and motivated in what we do! Knowing that other organizations are working toward similar goals and that there is a critical birth movement occurring
right now inspires us!


We are thankful for being able to work with NYC Midwives and local providers to organize an amazing 10th Anniversary Miles for Midwives last month!

As a staff, we are thankful for having amazing opportunities, like being able to attend the American Public Health Conference in San Francisco where we met Professor Eugene DeClercq, one of our advisors for The Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition. We were even able to attend a screening of “Birth Story” and dine with Ina May  and Stephen Gaskin. What an experience!

How could we not be grateful for our brand new NYC Metro and National Guide to a Healthy Birth, available to order online here! Without a demand for options and without support from our Mother-Friendly providers, this could not have happened!

There are way too more people, movements, and efforts that we are thankful for, but it impossible to show our gratitude to all on our tiny blog. Feel free to comment and try to take a moment to be grateful this holiday. Let’s not forget to show gratitude throughout the year and just a bit every day.