Archive: Jul 2012

Building Your Birth Team

Assembling your birth team will be one of the most important steps you take as you plan for the birth of your baby. If you aren’t convinced that your doctor or midwife shares your same birth philosophy now, you cannot expect their philosophy to match […]

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10th Annual Miles for Midwives in Prospect Park!

We are thrilled to invite you to become a part of the 10th Annual Miles for Midwives – a 5K Run/Walk and Birth & Wellness Fair. Registration has opened, so sign up today! Miles for Midwives brings together runners, families, and midwifery supporters for a […]

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Lessons in Childbirth Education

Thank you again to Milon Nagi – writer, blogger, workshop facilitator and overall awesome volunteer for Choices in Childbirth! At our latest Healthy Birth Choices workshop, three sets of new parents shared their experience of Childbirth Education and spoke of how their classes prepared them […]

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