2012 Healthy Birth Ambassador Challenge



As we continue in our mission to ensure healthy birth options for all families, we’re calling upon you to step up to the 2012 Healthy Birth Ambassador Challenge.

Now is the time for bold, decisive action.

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Join Choices in Childbirth in the movement to change the face of maternity care in the United States. We’re committed, and we know you are too. Take the Healthy Birth Ambassador Pledge:

I believe that the birth of each child should be respected, revered and made safe and healthy for mother and baby.

This year, we have challenged ourselves to recruit 2,012 Healthy Birth Ambassadors. An army of Healthy Birth Ambassadors makes a bold statement about the importance of our work and supports Choices in Childbirth’s operations and development.

The United States continues to fall behind in maternity care outcomes. Among industrialized countries, we rank second to last in perinatal mortality rates and last in maternal mortality rates.

Become a Healthy Birth Ambassador Today and Support:

EDUCATIONThe New York City Metro Guide to a Healthy Birth (2012/13) – We are thrilled to announce that our new expanded guide will include listings, resources and information for families beyond the 5 boroughs.  25,000 copies of this free resource will be distributed across the metro area including: NYC, Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, Rockland, and southern Connecticut.

OUTREACH The Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition (BoBB:CE) – CiC joins Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein this March for the launch of the classroom edition of The Business of Being Born!  CiC is actively working to introduce BoBB:CE into college level curricula across the country, reaching young women and men before they are pregnant and making maternity care decisions.

ADVOCACYCitywide Report:  What are Women’s Childbirth Options in NYC? (2012) – Choices in Childbirth’s Advocacy Committee is working with top city officials on this report which will provide a realistic snapshot of options readily available to NYC families, including an evidence-based review as well as a cost analysis.

Step up, embrace the challenge, and support healthy birth!

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With love,
Funmilayo Brown
Executive Director

Élan McAllister