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Lessons in Childbirth Education

Thank you again to Milon Nagi – writer, blogger, workshop facilitator and overall awesome volunteer for Choices in Childbirth! At our latest Healthy Birth Choices workshop, three sets of new parents shared their experience of Childbirth Education and spoke of how their classes prepared them […]

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Help us Save St. Vincent’s

As you may already know, St. Vincent’s Hospital is under threat of closure. Government officials, hospital administrators, and community representatives are working to define a solution to this problem. We will keep you updated with any details that we have. In the meantime, we want […]

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CIC has a Blog!

Finally! Choices in Childbirth made the leap into the social media world… and we like it out here. Come join us! We struggled our way into a Facebook Cause page and now we are diving right into a Blog as well. We are thrilled to […]

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