September All About Birth Workshops

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September has been another busy workshop month. On the 10th, CiC led another version of “How to Have a Great Hospital Birth” at Wild Was Mama in Brooklyn. Chris McCloskey, CNM and Morgane Richardson, DONA both presented helpful information for new moms and partners to consider… from selecting one’s birth team, to thinking about how to stay comfortable as long as possible at home, to ways in which hospital patients can advocate for themselves. New moms, Lauren and Kristina, and Kristina’s husband Dennis, each shared their empowering hospital birth story. Both delivered with midwives at two different hospitals. Although the labors and birth experiences varied, and nothing was 100% “according to plan” (and it so rarely is!), they were well prepared thanks for excellent childbirth education classes and strong support systems.

IMG_1208-1On the 17th, CiC led its second “Breastfeeding & Beyond” workshop of the year at Explore + Discover Early Learning Center in lower Manhattan. Again, we invited resident experts and expert moms to share their wisdom with expecting parents. Ayelet Kaznelson, IBCLC, who runs frequent breastfeeding workshops and support groups at Seleni Institute, provided invaluable information to keep up a healthy, positive breastfeeding relationship with a new baby – and with one’s partner! Ellynne Skove, founder of GoGoBabies, delved into the misunderstood “fourth trimester” and helped expecting families consider the needs of a newborn, including developing motor skills and tummy time.

New and experienced moms Kate and Angela shared their breastfeeding experiences. For Kate, mom of a 12 week old son, the challenges came right in the beginning and with a tremendous amount of persistence and support from family and her pediatrician, she was able to get a great rhythm down. Angela gave birth two premature twins who struggled to breastfeed for months. As difficult as some moments were, she too persisted and by four months managed to exclusively breastfeed both her son and daughter, who are still nursing today at 13 months.

Looking ahead in October, we will introduce a brand new workshop, “Preventing First Cesareans”, and later in the month “Preparing for Birth: Childbirth Education in NYC”, both at the 14th St. Y, and in November CiC will take its “Comfort & Coping Options for Birth” workshop to Inwood at Dichter Pharmacy. Spread the word!