Men in Birth- February


On Monday night we gathered at Realbirth in midtown for Men In Birth, part of our informational meeting series. We had a bit of a smaller group on Monday due to some last minute holiday cancellations and I’m already getting emails and requests from dads who missed out and would like to see this night happen again. Dads, your wishes have been heard—don’t worry, we will schedule another Men in Birth in the upcoming months. It was a very special and rare experience that Monday night’s dads had: the opportunity to discuss honestly and openly the expectations and fears surrounding the sometimes mysterious role of the father during birth.

I have heard many doulas and midwifes describe how men experience birth very differently to women. Although we too often have to be deliberate about finding the information we need to create the births we envision, there is a flowing channel of knowledge available to us if we take the time to find it. Our meetings are evidence of the many women out there that are willing to share the triumphs, challenges, and miracles of the birth experience. We love to share Ina May Gaskin’s words of wisdom, “What I love about stories the most is the power they have to teach us of possibilities that might not occur to us without them.” And in her books, as well as many other places, exist records of the fact that women’s bodies have been successfully and intuitively birthing babies since the beginning of time! Of course, men also have a role in birth, and a rich history to be shared, but stories specifically focusing on their needs and experiences are not quite as numerous. For this reason, we were grateful for the chance to bring men to together for an evening specifically focused on them. Dr. Marc Levin of the Beth Israel Residency in Urban Family Practice was also present to answer questions and provide clarification where needed.

Read on to hear more from the three father-speakers who shared their birth experiences, Nate, David & Ian…


  • Tessa Morales

    “men experience birth very differently”

    Yes to this! My DH likes to joke about our births: “yep, it didn’t hurt me a bit!”. I joke, I joke. . . .

    How wonderful that fathers get a chance to share, and to be heard! I love working with dads. Fantastic to see them being respected about their part in the birth! 🙂

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