Finally, the whole story! GRITtv covers the “Other Side of Choice” in Birth


Right on, GRITtv! Laura Flanders with GRITtv recently aired a segment entitled “The Other Side of Choice: Giving Birth in America.” In this piece, she gave birth experts (including our very own Elan Mcallister, of Choices in Childbirth) a chance to speak about the current state of childbirth in our country.

The segment looks at some of the trends behind the type of maternity care that women are getting and how that impacts our outcomes. Flanders highlights that, despite having one of the “best healthcare systems in the world”, the United States now ranks 37th in the world in Infant Mortality and 34th in the world for Maternal Mortality.

Cheers to GRITtv for talking about the side of maternity care that the media tends to ignore. Cheers to Flanders for calling into question

why has our international infant mortality ranking has worsened from 12th in the world in 1960 to 37th in 2008, during the same period that our rates of medical intervention in birth have gone up exponentially- Cesarean section rates alone have more than tripled?

why in this time of financial crisis, is America spending more on maternity care (86 billion in 2006 alone!) than other countries and getting worse results?

(Find out some of the experts’ takes on these questions in the interview)

It’s sad that we have to be excited about balanced, responsible journalism, but at least someone out there is doing it… Thanks Laura!