Doula Care in New York City: Advancing the Goals of the Affordable Care Act

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Choices in Childbirth is excited to announce the upcoming release of our report, Doula Care in New York City: Advancing the Goals of the Affordable Care Act, on October 29th.  The paper presents an overview of the body of evidence supporting the benefits of doula care alongside the voices of women and doulas throughout the city describing the landscape of doula care in New York City.

The report examines how doula care furthers the “triple aim” framework of the Affordable Care Act by:

  • improving health outcomes
  • enhancing women’s experiences of care, and
  • reducing spending on unnecessary and unwanted medical interventions.

Doula Care in New York City highlights the numerous ways doula care can help women have safer, healthier, and more satisfying births; demonstrates the impact doulas have had on individual women’s experiences, and addresses the potential of doula care to reduce health disparities in the city.

Choices in Childbirth conducted interviews, surveys and focus groups with women, doulas and key informants to personalize the benefits derived by many New York women and families who have invited doulas to be a part of their birth teams.  Additionally, we examine the barriers limiting access to and the effectiveness of doula care, as well as the challenges presented to doulas working in New York City.  The report provides clear recommendations for providers, facilities and policy makers on how to increase access to doula care in order to improve maternal health outcomes.

We encourage you to read the full report and share it with your family, friends, fellow advocates and allies to help ensure that all women have access to the critical supportive care that doulas provide.

*Photo by Sweet Birth Photography