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Childbirth Education

Start this exciting new phase in your life from an empowered position! In today’s world you have access to a seemingly limitless amount of information about pregnancy and birth. Dive in!

Childbirth education classes allow you to obtain more than just finite information. A good childbirth class gives you the information you need to make truly informed decisions, and teaches you ways to advocate for yourself. They create a setting where you can learn from the questions and insights of other parents who are in the same situation as you.

Search CiC’s Provider Network to find childbirth educators near you and use the links on the left to learn more about the various schools and philosophies of childbirth education.

In addition to a taking a comprehensive childbirth education class, read healthy pregnancy and birthing books and magazines, and watch documentaries on childbirth. Reach out to parents, providers and birth organizations in your area to find out about local resources and to get a sense of what birth options are available to you in your community. Learning from the stories and experiences of other new moms can also be invaluable to gain perspective into the process.

Remember, the more you learn about your choices, the more choices you have. An informed woman is empowered to take responsibility and ownership in the birth process!

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Childbirth Education: Making Informed Decisions

by Judith Lothian

A good childbirth class gives you the information you need to make truly informed decisions, and teaches you ways to advocate for yourself.  Today’s childbirth education classes help make sense of the vast amount of information you are likely to encounter during your pregnancy. Childbirth education can bring your birth back to the basics and help you let go of fear (really). The end result is a safer, more empowered birth.

5 Steps to a Healthy Birth

by Choices in Childbirth

The birth of your child will be one of the most important and memorable experiences of your life.  It is worth the effort and time to learn about all of your childbirth options so that you can make the decisions that are right for you and your family. We’ve put together a list of 5 basic steps that will help guide you through the process of making these decisions.

The Business of Being Born

by Milon Nagi

The documentary The Business of Being Born represents a break from the view of childbirth America usually sees – and has come to accept as normal. Instead, the film features a series of women, including executive producer Ricki Lake, giving birth with “surprising serenity,” on their own terms.  “It’s a practical guide to childbirth that’s really going to help women discover natural options and take back the birth experience”, says director, Abby Epstein.


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