Choices in Childbirth



CiC is recognized as a local and national leader in the maternity care field, known for our pioneering policy work, behavioral change efforts, and deep connections with consumers and the birth field. CiC advocates to local leaders, policy makers, and healthcare providers to ensure accessible, culturally competent and evidence-based maternity care services.

Some of our recent projects have included:

• Passage of the Midwifery Modernization Act in New York in support and partnership with other leading midwifery support organizations (2010)

• Support for St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York, a pillar of Mother-Friendly Care in the community (2010)

• Our work to encourage the re-opening of the Bellevue Birth Center, the only Medicaid-accepting birth center in Manhattan (2009- ongoing)

• Our petition to the Today Show to encourage unbiased reporting of birth options in the media (2009)

• Our work with the Public Advocate’s Office to ensure that local hospitals are in compliance with the Maternity Information Act -a law requiring that prospective parents are given accurate and up to date statistics about interventions at the hospital level. (2006)


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