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Ask the Midwife: How can I avoid an episiotomy during birth?

“How can I avoid an episiotomy during birth?” Today an episiotomy is no longer a routine procedure – thank goodness – but is performed for cause. Some reasons include a tight perineum which prevents the baby’s head from distending the perineum, prior scarring of the […]

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A Packed Month of Workshops

Choices in Childbirth hosted two concurrent All About Birth workshops last Thursday night. At the 14th St. Y, a crowd of expecting moms and dads gathered for our once-a-year workshop, Men & Birth, facilitated by Mary Esther Malloy of Mindful Birth NY. And across town, […]

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Sexy Moms Series: Sex During & After Pregnancy

Last night we gathered at Babeland in Brooklyn for another installment of the intimate, exhilarating, and always entertaining evenings that are the Sexy Moms Series! The SMS series, designed to cater to the changing sexual and practical lifestyles of pregnant and new moms, never fails […]

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