Archive: Nov 2009

Inspired By Birth Stories

Wednesday night was my first Choices in Childbirth meeting as the new meeting coordinator…what a way to get started! My initial reactions are: awe, inspiration, and great anticipation for things to come! I am honored and excited to be working with Choices in Childbirth as […]

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CIC Brings you FREE Events for Parents!

Choices in Childbirth is thrilled to have new parents in the community share their stories with expectant parents to help bring to life the many choices, environments, and providers that are available to parents in New York City. We have created a triple-series of meetings […]

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CIC has a Blog!

Finally! Choices in Childbirth made the leap into the social media world… and we like it out here. Come join us! We struggled our way into a Facebook Cause page and now we are diving right into a Blog as well. We are thrilled to […]

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